Blitz 1 Plus Gas Can

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Blitz 1 Plus Gas Can
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1 Plus Gas Can 1 Gallon gas/4 Oz oil mix. Easy grip. Spill-proof system. Carb compliant. A genuine Blitz fuel product. ANSI/ASTM F852-99. UL Listed. Made in U.S.A.

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1. Remove gasket from spout. 2. Important - Clip on two step gasket with step facing up. 3. Rest nozzle on tank. 4. Push down to pour. 5. Closes when removed. Never store spout inside gas can. Not intended for refueling on-road motor vehicles.
Keep out of reach of children. Before each use, manually open the slide valve to release any pressure. Do not attempt to refuel a running or hot engine. Never use gas to start a fire. May cause severe injury or death. Extremely flammable. Vapors can explode. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Carefully read all cautions on both sides.