Hearthmark Beverage Tapper Container

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Hearthmark Beverage Tapper Container
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Thank you for purchasing a Golden Harvest Beverage Tapper Container. Your Golden Harvest jar is made of top-quality materials and designed for your convenience. If you have purchased a plastic container, it should not be placed in your dishwasher as temperatures vary too greatly for any guarantee that the product will be safe. We hope you enjoy your beverage tapper container.

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Before using, wash container in warm, soapy water using a mild detergent. You can pour directly from the container by flipping the vent (make sure lid is tightened). Tighten the spigot by hand turning the inside nut clockwise. Press the plunger firmly, then release to ensure proper position. Never pour boiling or extremely hot liquid into container. Never place over open fire or on heating element. Do not use in microwave. For general cleaning: Remove and soak plunger, rinse spigot with clean water and replace plunger. Do not remove the spigot or rubber grommet encircling the hole in the jar. Do not use a scouring pad on glass, only a soft sponge and mild detergent.
If you use jar in preparation of sun tea, always be sure the lid is tightened securely before lifting. Occasionally, the heat from the sun will expand and loosen the lid. Be sure to hold the jar with both hands when lifting. Do not lift by the handle alone. Use only non-metallic utensils in the glass container.