TracFone Prepaid Cell Phone Card, 60 Minutes

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TracFone Prepaid Cell Phone Card, 60 Minutes
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Add TracFone airtime before service end date. No bills. No surprises. You're in control. And 90 days to service end date. America's No. 1. prepaid cell phone. Card has no value until activated by cashier. For use only with TracFone branded cell phones. Cards are non-refundable. Adding this card will keep you connected by: 1. Adding 60 minutes/units to the airtime balance on your TracFone screen. 2. Adding 90 days to the Service End Date that is currently displayed on your TracFone screen. 3. If you want to double the minutes on this card, and all future airtime cards you add to your current TracFone, just buy and add a Double Minute Card before you add this card. Purchase and use of this card is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service and airtime rates in the phone package, which are subject to change without prior notice. The airtime on this card must he added to your TracFone prior to one year from date of card purchase, or it is void.

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  1. Instructions
How to add this card: 1. Scratch off the strip below to reveal the 15-digit PIN number. 2. Enter the 15-digit PIN number into the redeem airtime or add airtime screen under your TracFone's prepaid menu. 3. Or, add airtime and days at or 1-800-867-7183. Keep this card until the added airtime and days are displayed on your TracFone.