McIntosh Apples

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An excellent source of fiber and Vitamin C. Very juicy, slightly tart, very smooth skin; bruises easily.

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Picking and Storing Apples Ripe apples should be firm to the touch, fragrant and free of bruises and breaks. Handle gently to prevent bruising. Refrigerate as soon as possible to slow ripening and maintain flavor; will keep up to six weeks. Store apples away from strong-smelling foods, they absorb odors easily. Fresh, firm and crisp apples can be frozen for later use. Serving Ideas Good raw or cooked, Wash apples under running water and dry with clean paper towel before eating or peeling. Eat raw as a snack or for dessert, or try with a slice of cheddar or blue cheese or sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon. Slice and serve with sweet, smooth, chewy caramel dip. Slice and use with dips or in salads. (Yogurt makes a great dip.) Bake whole or peel and cut into slices for use in pies and cobblers.
Serving Size: 1 medium (2 3/4 dia.), raw, with skin Calories VAL: 72 Calories(Fat) VAL: 2 Total Fat VAL: 0.23g Saturated Fat VAL: 0.04g Trans Fat VAL: 0g Cholesterol VAL: 0mg Sodium VAL: 1mg Total Carb VAL: 19.06g Dietary Fiber VAL: 3.3g Sugars VAL: 14.34g Protein VAL: 0.36g Vitamin A VAL: 75IU Vitamin C VAL: 6.3mg Calcium VAL: 8mg Iron VAL: 0.17mg