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Giant Eagle® Shopping List

  1. Q. How can I use the Giant Eagle Shopping List?

    Our Shopping List tool allows you to create and save customized lists via the Giant Eagle website or Giant Eagle apps for iPhone® or Android™. You can build your list by searching thousands of products available at our stores, importing recipe ingredients, or adding any item you choose.

  2. Q. What types of shopping lists are there?
    • "My Shopping List” is the default location for your chosen items
    • “Shopping List Ideas” are suggested lists created for you by us at Giant Eagle. They are full of seasonal items that go together, like “Summer Grilling Essentials” and are handy when planning for holidays or taking advantage of weekly specials.
    • You can create your own custom lists too. They’re a great way to plan for an event or party outside of your weekly grocery shopping, like “Mom’s Birthday”
  3. Q. How do I add items?
    • Select one of your shopping lists. You can switch your active list at any time
    • Browse any of our weekly specials, eOffers, recipes or product pages
    • Find a product you want and click the “Add to List” button
    •  You selected item will be stored in your current active shopping list
  4. Q. Does my shopping list work with recipes?

    Yes! The shopping list feature makes trying new recipes even easier. When viewing a recipe you have two options:

    • Select individual ingredients to add to one of your shopping lists
    • Add the while recipe to your list 
  5. Q. How do I view my shopping list?
    • Click on the “Shopping List” tab located on the menu bar at the top of your page
    • Select your preferred list
  6. Q. What are my options while viewing a list?
    • Add items with the “Quick Add” bar
    • Remove items from your list
    • Increase or decrease the quantity of items
    • Add notes and reminders to your list
    • Move items to another list
    • Email your shopping list to a friend or family member
    • Print your list for shopping convenience