NuVal®: New Labels, Smarter Choices

Making smart nutrition decisions at Giant Eagle® just got easier at our Columbus, Ohio and Frederick, Maryland stores!
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Do you find it almost impossible to compare nutritional value between foods and manufacturers? Then you’ll love our new shelf tag system that provides a nutrition snapshot of foods at a glance.

Our new tagging system — developed by independent scientists, medical experts and nutritionists in accordance with FDA and USDA dietary guidelines — makes comparing nutritional values as easy as comparing prices! You'll find these new tags on thousands of national and Giant Eagle brand products throughout the store with two key decision-making features:

  • NuVal Score ranks a food’s overall nutritional value on a scale from 1 to 100 and is featured in a double hexagon design in the top right corner of the tag. The higher the score, the better the nutritional value. Learn more.
  • Color-coded blocks below the scan code identify specific dietary and lifestyle information based on FDA and USDA  guidelines such as Organic, Gluten Free, or Heart Healthy. Learn more.


Look, Compare and Trade Up

With a glance you can view key nutrition data, compare products and make informed decisions to improve your family’s health. 

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For more details on our new tags, view our frequently asked questions. Contact one of our registered dietitians for answers to your nutrition and diet questions at

Brought to you by the Registered Dietitians at Giant Eagle and Market District®