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Choosing a Phone for Your Child

When choosing a phone for your child, prepaid wireless is a great option. Your kid gets the freedom and security that a cell phone provides, while you save a lot of money over pricey 2-year contracts!
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More and more children are carrying cell phones. Perhaps your kid is begging you for a phone so he or she can stay in touch with friends. Maybe you want an easy and affordable way to stay in touch with your child. Either way, there are several things to keep in mind when choosing phones for your children.

Safety Features

Keeping your child safe and accessible is a primary concern for most parents. A prepaid phone is great to have handy for college, camping trips or simply as a way to call for a ride home after soccer practice. When shopping for a phone to give peace of mind, there are several safety features a concerned parent may want to look for:

  • GPS tracking allows you to locate your child in case of an emergency.
  • An emergency phone for the glove box will provide a low-cost lifeline if car trouble arises.
  • Blockers or parental controls allow you to safeguard your child from viewing inappropriate web sites on smartphones. Some softwares even sends text alerts to the parent’s phone when the child tries to access restricted sites.
  • Some phones offer the ability to disable calls and texts while your child is driving.

Keeping Costs under Control

No parent wants to receive a $500 phone bill. Prepaid wireless offers the most control when it comes to keeping the bill under control.  With prepaid, there are no overage charges and no reactivation fees. Options for prepaid include pay-as-you-go and monthly unlimited plans. With no-contract phones, you can cancel or switch plans at any time without penalty. Other ways prepaid puts control in the hands of the parents include:

  • Monitor and set time limits on your child’s web browsing.
  • Pay-as-you-go allows you to create a “phone allowance” by giving your child a set amount of texts and minutes per week.
  • Unlimited plans will ensure that your child will never run out of minutes.
  • Control purchases like music downloads, apps and ringtones.

With today’s technology and Giant Eagle savings, you can be worry free when shopping for a new phone for your children. Visit a Wireless Center, located at hundreds of Giant Eagle and GetGo stores, to save on no-contract phones and prepaid wireless cards for the whole family. 

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