There's a No-Contract Phone for Everyone!

At Giant Eagle®, saving money on your wireless bill doesn’t mean settling for the bare minimum. We have a large assortment of no-contract phones–including smartphones–and a prepaid plan to fit anyone’s needs!
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Looking for the latest and greatest in smartphones? We carry a variety of top-of-the-line handsets. Looking for the peace of mind that comes with knowing a loved one is only a phone call away? We can help you there too.

No matter what your wireless needs are, Giant Eagle has a phone and a plan for everyone.

Stay Connected. Stay Stylish.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to stay connected, then look no further.  The Wireless Center carries a wide-variety of smartphones and internet-connected devices for you to choose from.

A selection of comprehensive data plans will insure that you’re free to surf the web, check emails, talk and text as much as you want. Upgrade any time and make sure your phone is always in style. 

Why Giant Eagle is the Smart Choice for Smartphones:

•    The latest phones
•    Fast and reliable internet service
•    Cost effective data plans
•    Voice, text and unlimited data plans
•    Upgrades at any time

Coverage You and Your Family Can Count On

You’re always in control with prepaid wireless.  Protecting your family and your finances is easier than ever! Keep an extra phone around, just in case, or teach your teen a lesson in responsibility with their first phone.

Key Safety Features: 

•    Limit talk time, texts, streaming and downloads
•    Restrict inbound and outbound numbers
•    Restrict phone use while driving
•    Monitor activity
•    GPS tracking

Convenience and Versatility

With no-contract phones from our Wireless Center, you can switch plans any time without penalty!

Pay-As-You-Go Plans

•    Easily add minutes as you need them
•    Unlimited carryover minutes and service days with certain plans

Monthly Plans

•    Unlimited talk, text and data
•    Or, lower cost bulk minutes

The Wireless Center at Giant Eagle is sure to have a no-contract phone to fit your needs and a prepaid wireless plan to fit your budget. Visit us today and save more than $1000 on pricey 2-year contracts!

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