Giant Eagle Macaroni Salad

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Giant Eagle Macaroni Salad
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1 lb

Elbow macaroni tossed with crisp celery, diced eggs and red bell peppers in a creamy dressing.

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MACARONI (Semolina [Wheat], enriched with Iron [Ferrous Sulfate], B Vitamins [Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid]), SALAD DRESSING (High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Egg Yolks [Egg Yolks, Salt], Mustard [Distilled Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Spice], Modified Wheat Starch, Potassium Sorbate [To Retard Spoilage], Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Calcium Disodium EDTA), CELERY, WATER, ONIONS, EGGS, MUSTARD (Distilled Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Spices, Paprika), RED BELL PEPPERS (Red Bell Peppers, Water, Citric Acid).
Serving Size 1/2 Cup (140g)
Servings Per Container About
3lb container = 10 servings

Calories 280
Calories from Fat 130            
Total Fat 15g    23%        
Saturated Fat 2.5g    12%        
Cholesterol 30mg    11%        
Sodium 980mg    41%        
Total Carbohydrate 34g    11%        
Dietary Fiber 1g 5%        
Sugars 11g        
Protein 4g            
Vitamin A 2%        
Vitamin C 0%        
Calcium 2%        
Iron 8%       
Contains: Wheat, Egg