Dr Scholls Blister Treatment

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Dr Scholls Blister Treatment
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8 cushions

Stays in place. Nearly invisible. 2x as many cushions. Helps heal and prevent blisters: cushion protects from friction and pressure. Nearly invisible. Thin and flexible to conform to the heel and other areas of the foot. Stays comfortably in place. Sterilized for safe use on open blisters. Water-resistant. Made in Belgium.

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1. Make sure skin is clean and dry. 2. Tear open overwrap and remove blister cushion from the package. 3. Slightly bend the product along the crease and peel off backing. 4. Apply cushion to blister or affected area. 5. Make sure the edges of the cushion adhere smoothly to your skin (this maximizes protective seal around your blister). 6. Leave the cushion on your blister or replace as needed until it heals or the cushion begins to loosen. If you choose to remove the cushion sooner, it is recommended to soak the cushion and affected blister area in warm water before removing. 7. To remove the cushion, slowly stretch it straight from one side and then slowly pull up.
If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult a doctor or podiatrist before using. Do not use this product on any area that is infected. Do not use this product on blisters caused from a burn. If blister persists, consult a healthcare professional. Sterile - do not use if individual wrapper is opened or damaged.