Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 Gallon

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Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 Gallon
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15 bags

1 ft 11-3/4 in x 2 ft 4 in x .69 mil. Stronger! No Twist Ties Needed: Avoid hassles with misplaced, broken, or hard-to-close ties. Easy to Tie Flaps: Strong and dependable for easy closing. Easy to Lift and Carry: Transport bag with ease. Strong and Sturdy: Avoid messy trash disasters. So Many Uses: Use as a laundry bag; Organize sports equipment and toys; Cover patio furniture; Line your cat litter box; Store holiday decorations; Protect blankets, linens and sweaters. Made in the USA.

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1. Tie the four flaps with ease. 2. Grab the bag by the knot and remove from container. 3. Toss the secure bag into the garbage.
To avoid danger of suffocation, keep all plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not use plastic bags in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. Not recommended for food storage.