Ziploc Storage Bags, Quart

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Ziploc Storage Bags, Quart
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30 bags

Bonus 20% more. 30 Bags for the price of 25 bags. 7 x 7 3/4 in. Our tightest ever! Double sipper closure helps seal in freshness! Two Colorloc Zippers: Easily close together for a secure seal. Easy to grasp and open. The trusted Ziploc seal keeps your food fresh and home organized. Ziploc Storage bags with the Double Zipper seal are perfect for all your household storage needs: in the fridge, around the house, or on the go. Made in U.S.A.

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  1. Instructions
Defrost & reheat - Vent bag 1 inch. For use in the microwave, place on a microwave-safe dish. Handle with care. Bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents as bag may melt.