Glucofilm Test Strips, Blood Glucose

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Glucofilm Test Strips, Blood Glucose
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25 strips

For in vitro diagnostic use. Intended for use in the U.S.A. Reagents: 0.6% w/w glucose oxidase (microbial). 0.4% w/w peroxidase (horseradish). 1.7% w/w tetramethylbenzidine. 97.3% w/w nonreactive ingredients.

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Read enclosed directions carefully. Store at temperatures between 59 - 86 degrees F (15 - 30 degrees C). Do not refrigerate. Replace cap immediately and tightly. Do not remove desiccant from bottle. Use within 4 months after first opening. Do not use after unopened expiration date. Intended for use with Glucometer Blood Glucose Meters specified in package insert.
Use only if tamper evident seals on this carton are intact.