Land O Lakes Half & Half

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Land O Lakes Half & Half
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16 oz (1 p) 473 ml

Half & Half, Ultra-Pasteurized Traditional. Where simple goodness begins. For almost a century, Land O'Lakes has been where simple goodness begins. Purity, quality and extraordinary taste are proud hallmarks of our products. You deserve the very best. At Land O'Lakes, we stand proudly with traditional values like family, harmony with nature, personal contentment and trust. Our traditional Half & Half makes every cup of coffee richer and more full-bodied, an extra special experience for you to savor. Be sure to enjoy our other high quality products fresh from the dairy case.

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Milk, Cream, Contains Less than 1% of Each of the Following: Sodium Citrate and Disodium Phosphate.
For best quality, use within 7 days of opening. Shake well. Keep refrigerated. Do not freeze. Grade A.
Serving size : 2. Servings per Container: 16.
Contains: Milk.