Top Care Moleskin Padding

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Top Care Moleskin Padding
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3 strips

Moleskin Padding, Super 3 strips; 4-5/8 inches x 3-3/8 inches. Protects sore, tender areas; Extra thick and soft durable fabric; Super adhesive holds cushion firmly. Trim-to-fit. Soft durable fabric protects sensitive areas; self-stick waterproof adhesive holds Super Moleskin firmly in place; hypo-allergenic; will not snag hosiery. Made in USA.

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Wash and dry feet thoroughly. Use scissors to cut Super Moleskin into desired shape. Peel away backing and apply over affected area. Do not apply directly to blisters or broken skin - for these areas, cut out piece so that Super Moleskin fits around blister or broken skin. Also may be applied directly to inner shoe to reduce irritation, increase comfort.
Diabetics and those with poor circulation should consult a physician before using this product.