Top Care Maxi Pads with Wings

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Top Care Maxi Pads with Wings
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32 pads

Maxi Pads with Wings, Long Super Heavy. Wrapped pads. Now with end channels. DriSoft cotton-like cover. Large wings shield the sides of your panties to keep you clean and secure. 1. Over 1 3/4 inch longer than our regular Maxi with Wings. 2. Dri-Silk Cover stays fresh and dry next to your skin. 3. Wings prevent side leakage and give you the flexibility to position the pad where you need the most protection. 4. Longer side channels combined with end channels for more secure leakage protection. 5. Adhesive keeps pad from shifting. Individually wrapped for your convenience.

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Lift top flap of pouch and remove pad. Keep pouch for disposal. Remove peel strip from pad and press into panties. Peel paper tabs from wings. Wrap wings around sides and attach by pressing to underside of panties. To Dispose: Detach wings from panties and remove pad. Roll or fold pad and place into pouch. Dispose in wastebasket. Do not flush.
Important: Keep plastic bags away from children.