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Top Care Thermometer
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Thermometer, Digital, Temple Reads in 6-10 seconds (6-10 seconds reading depending on individual). Safe for all ages. Certified accurate. Probe covers not required. Memory recalls last temperature reading. The Top Care Digital Temple Thermometer accurately measures body heating using patented R.A.T.E. technology (Rapid, Accurate, Temperature, Establishment). Sensors in the thermometer (A), rapidly track the heat flow generated from blood vessels (B) to the skin's surface (C), and convert measurement to body temperature. Gentle, non-invasive sensor accurately reads in degrees F and degrees C (no sterile probe covers required; just wipe with alcohol). Power/memory control button. Large digital display. 2-AAA batteries (included). Contains: 1 digital thermal temple thermometer with two 1.5VDC AAA batteries, instructions (English, French, Spanish) & warranty information. Made in China.

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1. Press power button to activate. One short beep when on. Two beeps when ready to use.
2 Place round sensor tip on temple.
3. Wait for single long beep and read temperature.