Aquarium Products Crystal Clear

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Aquarium Products Crystal Clear
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0.75 fl oz (22 ml)

Crystal Clear, For Freshwater & Saltwater Fish Clears cloudy water immediately. Treats 400 gallons. Scientifically formulated to coagulate minute particles together so they can be trapped in your aquarium's filter. Safe for live plants and reef aquariums. Made in the USA.

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Before administering any water treatment, it is wise to check your water quality levels to ensure they are within their acceptable ranges. Cloudy water is most often caused by the minute dirt and debris particles suspended in the water. These particles can spoil the aquarium's appearance, harm fish gill membranes and deprive plants of the essential light needed to grow. Crystal Clear instantly clumps these particles together so they can drop out of suspension in the water and fall to the gravel bed or become large enough to be removed by the aquarium's filter. Dosage: Use 1 drop per gallon. Repeat in 24 hours if not clear. Repeat treatment once a week only if necessary. If the water is extremely cloudy, increase the dosage in 2 drops per gallon. After dosing, the aquarium water will start to turn slightly cloudy. This is a sign that Crystal Clear is starting to work. If cloudy water still persists after 3 days of treatment, perform a 25% water change.
Not for human consumption. For aquarium or ornamental fish use only. Not for fish intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.