Tetra EasyBalance

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3.38 fl oz (100 ml)

Reduces water changes. Maintains water chemistry & pH. For all freshwater aquariums. Maintenance: use weekly. Proprietary formula provides safety net between water changes. As aquariums age, their water chemistry changes. EasyBalance prevents harmful conditions caused by these changes. Regular use helps to maintain a healthy aquarium. Regulates pH and alkalinity (KH) at recommended levels. Adds the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes needed for vibrant active fish. Reduces phosphates. Note: EasyBalance is not a tap water conditioner and will not neutralize chlorine. When adding tap water to the aquarium it is recommended you always use Tetra AquaSafe. Treats 100 gallons/380 liters. Made in Germany.

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Principal Ingredients: Inorganic Mineral Salts.
Use weekly to maintain healthy aquarium chemistry and prevent harmful pH changes. Shake well before using. Add two teaspoons (10 ml) for every 10 gallons (38 liters) of water. Each raised mark on side of bottle equals 10 ml. Repeat dosage weekly. EasyBalance should not be used in aquariums with low oxygen conditions; proper aeration using an airstone is recommended. Change 50-75% of your aquarium's water at least once every 6 months, provided EasyBalance has been added as recommended and the aquarium is otherwise properly maintained (a properly maintained aquarium contains the correct stocking level of fish, aeration, proper filtration and regular testing).
Keep out of reach of children.