3M Laser Lens Cleaner for CD and CD-ROM Players

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3M Laser Lens Cleaner for CD and CD-ROM Players
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Improves the sound quality of CD and CD-ROM players with dirty laser lens and helps prevent costly repairs due to a dirty laser lens. Dust and dirt accumulate on your laser lens surface, although it's hidden inside the CD player. The laser lens of CD and CD-ROM players should be cleaned to help prevent skipping, mistracking and distortion. We suggest you clean your laser lens every 10 hours. Regular use will help optimize performance of your player. Cleans all CD/DVD format hardware - audio, computer, video, portable carousels and changers. Super clean, multi-brush design. Specially designed filaments clean quickly without damaging optical laser lens assembly.

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1. Insert Scotch Laser Lens Cleaner, label side up. 2. Select feature you wish to use: Track one: Use/care information. Track three: Lens cleaning - Express cleaning. Track four: Stereo speaker balance test. Track five: Troubleshooting hints. Track Six: A message from 3M. Note: Track Two is intentionally left blank. Please do not touch the brushes with your fingers, nor with any other possible contaminant.
Sealed for your protection.