Healthy Pet Pet Bedding, Superior Odor Control

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Healthy Pet Pet Bedding, Superior Odor Control
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Colorfast. Non-toxic. Expands to 10 liters/9 dry quarts. Absorbs 3 times its weight. Lasts twice as long as shavings. Hypoallergenic. No. a unsurpassed odor control. Rabbit, chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster, rat, mouse, gerbil, ferret, reptile, bird. Healthy Pet Colors is the safe, healthy and fun bedding for you and your pet. Safe - Healthy Pet Colors is dyed using the same materials used In homes around the world for over 40 years. The Colors are colorfast so pets, cages and clothing won't be stained. Under certain conditions cotton fabrics may be discolored if exposed to wet bedding. The colors used are non-toxic to you and your pet and it's environmentally friendly. Healthy - Healthy Pet Colors suppresses ammonia formation twice as long as wood shavings or corn cob bedding, just like Healthy Pet Natural and Healthy Pet Ultra. Your home and your pets' living quarters stay fresh smelling longer. Fun - Use Healthy Pet Colors to create a theme in the cage, color coordinate with your room or liven up your pets' living space. Use as the sole bedding in the pet enclosure or make fun, colorful corners for your pet to nest and burrow in.

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  1. Instructions
For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, Mice and Similar Pets: Place 1-3 inches in the bottom of the cage. Or you can add Healthy Pet Colors to your existing bedding for colorful fun. Clean cages weekly or as needed. Impaction and related problems are inherit risk with any bedding. Seek veterinarian care if your pet consumes more than incidental quantities of bedding or if there is a change in feed or water consumption. For Birds: Place a layer of Healthy Pet Colors in bottom of the cage below the grate or droppings pan sufficient for the size and type of your bird. Change as needed. For Reptiles: Line aquarium or habitat with enough Healthy Pet Colors to provide a solid footing. Feed constrictors outside of cage to prevent incidental ingestion of bedding and to minimize potential injury to your pet. Flushable in Small Quantities: Healthy Pet Colors is flushable in small quantities. Flush used bedding, one scoop (double handful) at a time or discard with trash. Wash your hands after handling your pet or cleaning the cage.