The First Years Car Shades

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The First Years Car Shades
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2 shades

Car Shades, Adjust and Lock, Value Two Pack Locks in any position. Sturdy: Suction cups hold shade firmly to window. Blocks out harmful UV rays and irritating glare. 1. Extra large suction cups attach firmly to window. 2. Roller hides shade when not in use. 3. Retract button unlocks shade so it can roll up. 4. Pull tab makes raising and lowering shade easy. 5. Sturdy vinyl mesh helps protect against harmful ultraviolet rays. Mesh sun screen also helps block out irritating glare. Adhesive anchor tab for permanent installation (optional). For use with side windows. Made in Taiwan.

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To Install: 1. Clean window and suction cups. For best results, use alcohol-based cleaning product; dry window thoroughly, and moisten suction cups. 2. Slide the two loose suction cups into the slots on the clips. 3. Position the shade at the top of the window, and press firmly to secure the suction cups. 4. Pull the shade down to the desired length. Press the suction cup on the pull tab to secure. To Install Anchor Tab (Optional): If you plan to keep the shade on the same window all the time, you may want to use the anchor tab to secure the bottom of the shade. To Roll Shade Down: 1. Pull shade down to determine correct position for self-stick anchor tab. Note location, then raise shade (slide retract button upward to unlock; and holding pull tab, guide shade as it moves). 2. Be sure window still surface is clean, dry, and smooth. Then peel off backing and affix anchor tab. Keep in place even when not using. Tab may not stick well if removed and re-applied. 3. Holding pull tab firmly, pull shade back down and press tab firmly together. Important: Pull tabs apart before attempt to roll shade back up. To Roll Shade Up: 1. Holding pull tab firmly, remove bottom suction cup from window, or separate from anchor tab. 2. Still holding pull tab, slide retract button upward and guide shade back into roller. To Clean: Wipe surface with a damp cloth or sponge using mild liquid soap. Dry well. Do not immerse in water.
Do not use on front windshield. Check state and local laws regarding use restrictions on side and rear windows. This product is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it. Do not use on windshield. Do not use on rear window. This product is not a toy; do not allow children to play with it.