California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, Crispy Thin Crust, Hawaiian Recipe

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, Crispy Thin Crust, Hawaiian Recipe Image
California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, Crispy Thin Crust, Hawaiian Recipe
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6.2 oz (175 g)

Crispy thin crust pizza topped with pineapple, hickory smoked ham, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Pizza was revolutionized when the first California Pizza Kitchen opened in 1985. Since then, with restaurants across the globe, we have continued a tradition of carefully crafting pizzas that burst with flavor and personality. Our Hawaiian Recipe Pizza starts with our crispy thin crust as a base. This crust is then topped with tomato sauce, hickory smoked ham, pineapple, and reduced fat mozzarella cheese. Enjoy as is - or add a fresh touch with a side salad. One of our favorites is a mixed green salad that's been tossed with a flavorful vinaigrette. You will discover from your first bite that this is truly a special recipe that you can only get from California Pizza Kitchen. Enjoy! - Larry and Rick, Co-Founders & Co-CEOs.

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Wheat Flour, Shredded Reduced Fat Reduced Sodium Mozzarella Cheese (Pasteurized Part-Skim Milk, Nonfat Milk, Modified Food Starch [Ingredient Not in Regular Mozzarella Cheese], Cheese Culture, Salt, Potassium Chloride [Ingredient Not in Regular Mozzarella Cheese], Natural Flavor [Ingredient Not in Regular Mozzarella Cheese], Annatto [Color], Vitamin A Palmitate, Enzymes), Water, Cooked Smoked Ham Water Added, Hickory Smoke Flavor Added (Cured with: Water, Salt, Potassium Lactate, Sugar, Sodium Phosphate, Smoke Flavoring, Sodium Ascorbate, Sodium Nitrite), Pineapple, Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Tomato Paste, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Contains Less than 2% of Soybean Oil, Sugar, Soy Lecithin, Cornmeal, Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Yeast, Malted Barley Flour, Dextrose, Baking Soda, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Enzymes, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Citric Acid, Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Beta Carotene (Color).
Keep frozen. Not ready to eat. Cook thoroughly. Product must be cooked thoroughly to 160 degrees F for food safety and quality. Do not allow product to thaw. Do not eat without cooking. Microwave (Recommended Cooking Method): Remove pizza from clear plastic wrap. Discard all clear plastic. Flip cooking tray over so silver side is facing up. Place pizza on cooking tray. Place tray near edge of turntable in microwave oven. Microwave on High as follows: 600 to 800 Watt: 4 minutes, 30 seconds cooking time. 800 to 1000 Watts: 3 minutes, 15 seconds cooking time. More than 1000 Watts: 2 minutes, 45 seconds cooking time. Pizza is done when all of the cheese is melted. If the cheese is not melted, continue cooking in 15 second intervals. For food safety let stand 2 minutes in the microwave. Caution: Pizza will be very hot. Carefully remove pizza by holding the sides of the cooking tray. Oven: Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Place oven rack in the center position (6 to 8 inches from bottom). Remove pizza from clear plastic wrap. Discard plastic and cooking tray. Do not use tray in toaster oven, convection oven, or conventional oven! When oven is preheated, place pizza directly on the center rack. Bake 11 to 13 minutes or until cheese is melted and edges are golden brown. Your oven temperature may vary so adjust baking time and oven temperature as necessary.
Nutrition Facts
Serving size (in container): 1 pizza (1)
Calories from Fat
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fiber
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs
Contains: wheat, milk, soy.