M2Pets Pet Brush, Self Cleaning

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M2Pets Pet Brush, Self Cleaning
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Short haired dogs. Patented Snap-N-Clean hair removal system cleans your pet brush in a snap! Extra firm bristles glide through matted hair to get to your pet's undercoat. Self cleaning professional pet brushes! The only pet brush designed for your pet's coat! Snap-N-Clean plate collects matted hair, snaps off and cleans instantly. Close slicker bristle formation collects short, thin hair all the way down to your pet's undercoat! Ergonomically designed soft grip handle for extreme comfort! Cleans in a snap! Made in China.

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  1. Instructions
To remove the Snap-N-Clean plate, slip your thumb into the recessed thumb slot and lift. It's that easy! To re-attach, simply drop the plate lightly back over the bristles. It snaps on instantly!