Manco Single Line Film

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Manco Single Line Film
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The non-liquid solution. Correct-It applies dry so there is no waiting. Adjustable 3-way tip. Tired of waiting on messy, smelly liquid correction, or finding it dried up in your desk drawer? Try Correct-It, the Non-Liquid solution. Correct-It is fast, easy and clean. It goes on smooth and dry so you can write on it immediately and instantly fax or photocopy without shadowing. Correct-It is equally useful at home for updating and changing shopping lists, address books, schedules, records and check book. Remember, everyone makes mistakes but with Correct-It no one has to know. Special features & application tips: 3 way rotating tip - Gives you the choice of 3 delivery positions: left, right, and center for both left & right handed use. Self-tightening if loop occurs - Simply apply across a scrap piece of paper several times (as normal) loop will quickly disappear. Always apply against a smooth hard surface.

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  1. Instructions
Place paper on a flat, solid surface: 1. Open protective hood and rotate tip to desired position. 2. Position the roller at a slight angle in front of the copy to be corrected. 3. Apply light pressure on the dispenser tip. 4. Apply in a straight line across the area to be corrected. 5. For a clean break, stop at the end of the copy being corrected and lift up at a slight angle.