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Free local and long distance calling. Use as your primary or second line. Over 5 million sold! PC Magazine editors' choice (January 17, 2008). Never pay a monthly phone bill again! As seen on TV. Easy as 1-2-3 to save up to 1,000 a year! 1. Plug any phone into magicJack. 2. Plug magicJack into a USB port. 3. Pick up your phone and talk for free. Optional USB extension cord inside! magicJack's call quality is amazing - almost too good to be true - everybody should try it. - PC Magazine. Never pay a monthly phone bill again! Your initial purchase price includes your first full year of service. Additional years of service for just 1995 per year. Save up to 1,000 per year - businesses can save even more. In the next 12 months, magicJack customers will save over 1 billion. Free local & long distance calling, free voicemail, free directory assistance, free phone number. Free international calling - when traveling, instead of paying 3.50 per minute or more, take the magicJack with you to any country in the world and call anyone in the USA for free! Free call-waiting, free caller ID, 911 emergency available too. No contracts, no cancellation fees. No credit card or billing info required - because there is no monthly phone bill to pay when you use a magicJack. Great Reviews: NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News, CNET, BBC, PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, LA Times. Who's the fastest growing fixed line telephone company in the US? It's not Verizon or AT&T - (it's magic Jack). - Associated Press. Replace your present phone company and save up to 1000/year or just add a second line. Businesses can save even more with magicJack, because no matter how big your business, it's one low annual fee of just 19.95/year. You can also send a magicJack to a loved one who lives or is stationed overseas. This gives them a local US phone number. Now you can call them wherever they live and they can call anywhere in the US and Canada at no additional charge. Use any telephone with magicJack: corded, cordless, portable or dect. You can make and receive calls from anywhere in your home or office using any cordless phone. Just think of the magicJack as your new phone jack, it's really that simple. Do you have poor mobile phone reception at home? Tired of paying your phone company for a telephone line you rarely use? Use magicJack instead. Get crystal-clear call quality with no monthly bills. Tested to comply with FCC standards. CE listed. ICES-003 class B compliant.

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Seconds to Set Up: 1. Plug any phone cord into magic Jack. 2. Plug magic Jack into a USB port on your computer. You may use the extension cord supplied if desired. Wait for completion screen to appear, then use your phone like you always have. All You Need Is: 1. Computer. 2. Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista 7) or Intel-Based Mac. 3. One of the Following: broadband, high-speed internet, cable internet, DSL, Wi-Fi, Wireless, WiMax or FIOS.