Elementree Folders, File, Heavyweight, Letter Size

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Elementree Folders, File, Heavyweight, Letter Size
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1/3 cut tabs. Sustainable North American product. 2 trees are planted for every 1 used (on average, within the wood and paper industry). Made in the USA with 100% renewable wood fiber from responsibility-managed North American forests. Elementree is our commitment to a more sustainable North America. By offering paper products that use renewable wood fiber, we are supporting a truly sustainable environment. More trees for a greener North America. Elementree products made with renewable paper fiber support the reforestation of North America. On average, 2 trees are planted for ever 1 harvested. More trees harvested from independently certified and responsibly-managed forests mean a greener, healthier North America: a lower carbon footprint and improvement in air quality. Just think: there are 750 million acres of forest land in the US today; 1.7 million trees are planted every day; there are 12 million more acres of forests in the US than 20 years ago! It's so simple - it's elementree. About these Elementree Heavyweight File Folders: Each is made from 100% renewable wood fiber from certified and responsibly-managed North American forests. There is minimal production and paper waste from the integral, organic shapes. The printing ink is low-VOC, water-based ink. The paper packaging is made from certified 100% renewable wood fiber. Sustainable forestry initiative. Certified chain of custody promoting sustainable forest management. Made in the USA.

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