Cooked Colossal Shrimp

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Cooked Colossal Shrimp
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Sweet and succulent. 26-30 count. White shrimp have a mild flavor and are suitable for many different cooking styles. Brown shrimp have a richer flavor and snap when bitten into. They're best suited for shrimp cocktail, battering and frying.

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Choosing Shrimp Fresh shrimp should be firm, shiny, and smell like the sea. Don't select shrimp that have black spots, an unusual odor, or a slimy look or feel.
Serving Size: 3 oz., cooked Calories VAL: 101 Calories(Fat) VAL: 13 Total Fat VAL: 1.44g Saturated Fat VAL: 0.443g Trans Fat VAL: 0.03g Cholesterol VAL: 179mg Sodium VAL: 805mg Total Carb VAL: 1.29g Dietary Fiber VAL: 0g Sugars VAL: 0g Protein VAL: 19.36g Vitamin A VAL: 256IU Vitamin C VAL: 0mg Calcium VAL: 77mg Iron VAL: 0.27mg