Alternative Fueling

We are doing our part to help the environment and provide clean, safe and reliable alternative fuel sources for your FFV or diesel engines.

We are committed to making a positive impact in our communities and we are making it easier for you to help too! Better air quality and a reduced dependency on fossil fuels are just a few of the reasons to explore alternative fuels.

Benefits of Alternative Fuels:

  • Amount of toxins released into the air is greatly reduced
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Made from renewable resources


E85 is an ethanol based fuel used in Flexible-Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). It burns cleaner and is of a higher octane than pure gasoline. Not only is it better for the environment, it also greatly reduces wear and tear on your car’s engine!

Learn more about E85 fuel at GetGo®.


Biodiesel is fuel made from plant materials like corn and soy. This renewable fuel is biodegradable and cuts carbon monoxide and smog-producing particles by almost 50%. Also, biodiesel is safer for your vehicles engine and has a higher fuel economy than gasoline. Best of all, any vehicle with a diesel engine can use biodiesel fuel, so switching over is easy!

Learn more about biodiesel at GetGo.

Compressed Natural Gas

Natural gas produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.  It’s also safer to transport and engines that use compressed natural gas have lower maintenance costs.

Learn more about compressed natural gas.

Electric Charging Stations

Giant Eagle® has opened customer-accessible charging stations for electric vehicles at several of store locations.

Learn about electric charging stations at Giant Eagle.

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