Green E85 Fuel at GetGo®

Do you drive a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV)? Now you can fuel green at select neighborhood GetGo locations with environmentally friendly E85 fuel — a smart choice for the environment and your engine.
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What is E85 Fuel?

A renewable alternative fuel source, E85 is a blend of 15% unleaded gasoline and 85% ethanol. Only FFV can use E85 fuel.

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is essentially an alcohol made from sugars found in any biological feedstock like corn, wheat or barley. These sugars are extracted and fed to microbes, which then produce ethanol and carbon dioxide. Ethanol is then purified, blended with standard, unleaded gasoline and made ready for you at the GetGo pump.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces carbon monoxide and other tailpipe emissions.
  • Yields more energy than it takes to produce it.
  • Decreases dependence on nonrenewable resources (and the countries that supply them).
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions between 18 to 28 percent.

Vehicle Benefits

  • Burns more cleanly and completely.
  • Improves engine key performance areas.
  • Reduces knocking and other pre-ignition problems.

Owners of FFVs have the flexibility to use several fuel types, including E85, conventional gasoline, or any blend of ethanol up to 85%.

Find out if your vehicle can use E85.

Learn more about E85 it benefits and find answers to commonly asked questions (download pdf).  

Use the Store Locator to find GetGo stations with E85 fuel.