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Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day.

Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day.

We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our stores all year long.

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Giant Eagle® continues to take every step possible to ensure a more Earth-friendly experience

Turn off the electronics and get outside!

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

From our store architecture to our in-store technology, Giant Eagle® continues to take every step possible to ensure a more Earth-friendly experience when you walk through our doors. That’s why many of our locations are designed to incorporate environmental features that help improve building performance according to the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

As of 2014, Giant Eagle has seven LEED-certified stores, including the world’s first for supermarkets. These stores include environmentally friendly features such as water-efficient lavatory fixtures, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant in all cooling systems, drought-resistant landscaping and more.

Alternative Fuel

We understand that a smaller carbon footprint plays a major role in allowing for a sustainable environment. That’s why we are committed to providing alternative fuels at our stores and fueling stations.

For starters, we’ve taken on the responsibility of switching to cleaner fuels for our own vehicles. In 2011, we opened up two compressed natural gas fueling stations at one of our retail support and distribution centers.

We’ve also begun to offer free electric-vehicle charging stations at a few of our retail stores. This will allow shoppers to recharge their battery in the time it takes to finish a normal shopping trip.


From your plastic bags and unwanted digital devices to our cardboard and office paper, we’re dedicated to recycling every last ounce of material possible so future generations may live on a healthier, cleaner planet. In fact, as part of our eWaste Recycling program, which focuses on responsible recycling of electronics such as cell phones and ink cartridges, we were able to eliminate over 2,400 pounds of landfill waste.

Here’s a more detailed look at all of our recycling programs.

Reusable Bags

Our reusable bags are part of a commitment to creating a useable (and reusable) planet. By offering these Earth-friendly alternatives to traditional options, we’re able to help reduce the amount of pollutants it takes to produce, dispose and even recycle them. They’re also larger than standard bags, which means you can fit a lot more in them.

Awards & Recognitions

As a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership we continue to purchase over 20 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits annually. Our commitment to green power has landed us on the partnership’s Top 30 Retail list.

Our Fresh Foods Manufacturing facility participated in the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2013 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition and reduced their energy usage by 15% through a LED lighting upgrade.