Energy Conservation

At Giant Eagle® we're committed to conserving natural resources while improving your shopping experience.
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Our conservation efforts include:

Store lighting — We’ve integrated energy-efficient lighting into our store designs since 1994. In 2010 alone, three stores were constructed, retrofitted or upgraded with high-efficiency fluorescent lights, which replaced older, less efficient lighting systems. Also in 2010, 14 supermarkets and two fuel stations were built or retrofitted with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems in their reach-in frozen food cases. LED exit signs are standard in our stores, and have been for 15 years and counting and LED building signs are standard in new construction. Plus, our seven Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)-certified stores are built with daylighting, defined as “buildings designed with windows or other surfaces strategically placed so the natural light provides maximum visual comfort and reduces energy consumption.”

Renewable energy — Giant Eagle first purchased renewable energy in 2001 and is under contract through 2012. As a member of the EPA's Green Power Partnership, Giant Eagle's annual renewable energy purchase is 20 million kilowatt-hours a year.

Energy management controls and power monitoring — All new stores and all of our remodeled stores are fitted with state-of-the-art supermarket EMS controls. We use power-monitoring equipment to track store energy use, and recommissioning makes our energy savings average 10 percent per store.

Other green efforts include:

White roofing — This reflective, energy efficient roofing has been standard for new-store construction since 2001.

Occupancy sensors — These lighting controls sense when you're in a room — and turn the lights off when you're not, saving energy in the process. Occupancy sensors have been standard for new-store construction since 2003.