Eco-Light Bottle™

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One of the Most Environmentally Friendly Bottles Ever!*

Choose a high quality water bottle with approximately 50 percent less plastic!* Our Eco-Light Bottle is easy to handle — and its contoured shape offers a perfect combination of function, design and environmental consideration.

Since the bottle is lighter, it also requires less energy to produce, so the end result is a reduced carbon footprint. Enjoy the crisp refreshing taste of Giant Eagle Purified Water — and feel good knowing the product you are purchasing is 100 percent recyclable and one of the most environmentally friendly plastic 1/2 liter bottles ever produced!*

Please Join Us in Our Efforts…Always Recycle.


*Claims are based on a June 2009 study of plastic 1/2 liter bottles collected from 15 cities throughout the United States. In total, 80 different plastic 1/2 liter bottle types were collected from a sampling that included water, flavored water, soda, sports drink and tea categories. On average, Giant Eagle's new Eco-Light Bottle was found to be one of the lightest plastic 1/2 liter bottles in this sampling of the U.S. marketplace, weighing approximately 50 percent less than the average plastic 1/2 liter bottle.