Giant Eagle® supports a comprehensive recycling program in our stores, operations facilities and offices.
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Through the recycling of more than 98 million pounds of cardboard, paper and plastic in 2012 we saved:

  • Fiber – 829,249 Trees
  • Water – 341,455,587 Gallons
  • Energy – 204,873,352 Kilowatt hours
  • Landfill – 165,850 Cubic yards
  • Fuel – 19,999,541 Gallons
  • Air Particulates – 2,926,762 Pounds

eWaste Collection Bin

eWaste Collection Bins

Giant Eagle's new eWaste collection bins allow customers to donate used ink cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and GPS devices for responsible recycling. In addition, Giant Eagle will donate 100 percent of proceeds from the profits generated to local food banks. This is a huge win-win for everyone involved, and allows customers not only the convenience of recycling, but also allows them an opportunity to help feed the less fortunate in their area. Available at many locations, check with your local store.

Giant Eagle was awarded the American Forest & Paper Association's 2009 Business Leadership Recycling Award for our comprehensive paper recycling programs. Please visit the American Forest & Paper Association for details.

Giant Eagle's Plastic Bag Recycling Program

Recycling works! Customers can return their clean, dry, plastic grocery bags at a local store and when combined with film plastic collected from our operations, the bags will be recycled into composite building materials. Here are lists of items that we do and do not recycle.

Giant Eagle accepts the following items:

  • Plastic shopping bags with the number two (#2) or four (#4) at the bottom or side of the bag
  • Clear shrink wrap and stretch film plastic
  • Clean and dry plastic produce bags
  • Plastic newspaper sleeves
  • Dry cleaner bags

Giant Eagle does not accept the following items:

  • Paper, glass, metal or garbage
  • Hard or rigid plastic
  • Food or chemical contaminated bags
  • Black or dark colored bags (PVC)
  • Bubble Wrap

Thank you for recycling!