Solar Power

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Solar Power

In 2012, Giant Eagle constructed three sites with rooftop solar arrays.  These solar arrays collect light from the sun producing energy that offsets store usage. 

The solar installation at our Route 82 & I77 Giant Eagle in Broadview Heights, Ohio, uses photovoltaic glass tubes to maximize light collection and energy production.  This innovative technology:

  • allows for 360° light collection
  • utilizes energy-efficient white roofing to reflect sunlight onto tubes
  • permits snowfall through the tubes for increased winter energy production
  • is designed to generate approximately 170,000 kWh annually

Our Southside Works GetGo and McKnight Road GetGo fuel canopies are equipped with direct to AC photovoltaic panel systems.  These custom systems:

  • operate without high voltage DC wiring
  • estimated to produce over 70% of the energy required to power the canopy pumps and lighting
  • are designed to generate approximately 32,000 kWh annually

Want to Learn More?

Visit these interactive monitoring dashboards to view  the environmental benefits of our solar installations:

Broadview Heights Giant Eagle
Southside Works GetGo
McKnight Road GetGo