Sustainability and Waste Reduction

Giant Eagle® aggressively works to reduce and remove waste, for the benefit of our planet, the many people we serve today and will serve tomorrow, and for profitable outcomes for all of our constituencies.
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As part of our business growth and respect for people strategies, we are committed to removing waste and non-value added work because we appreciate every Team Member's valuable time and talents. Reducing waste allows more Team Members to achieve their fullest potential.

We also strive to understand the environmental implications of all we do; this responsibility is reflected in our individual behaviors and in how we conduct business. As Team Members, we consider careful use of resources in our daily routines, and as a company, we include smart sustainability strategies and goals in our business planning, including:

  • Reducing and removing the use of non-renewable resources and waste.
  • Recycling the waste we create.
  • Seeking out energy-saving alternatives.

We know our collective efforts to eliminate waste will lead to profitable outcomes for our business, which will directly enhance the lives of our Team Members, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve. Together, we will make a positive impact on our environment today and for generations to come.

Giant Eagle's Focus on Sustainability