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Sourcing Policy

Sustainable Seafood


Seafood Sustainability Requirement

Giant Eagle is committed to ensuring that all seafood products sold in its stores are harvested sustainably. This means seafood species are harvested at levels that maintain their availability for present and future generations.

  • Giant Eagle commits to sell only seafood from fisheries that are managed by competent authorities and have a management plan in place that incorporates a science-based approach to ensure sustainability.
  • These management plans should meet the following criteria:
  • o If stock sizes are below management target levels, whether due to natural or man-made causes, policies have been established to enable rebuilding within a specified timeframe.
    o Sufficient data has been gathered to determine appropriate harvest levels or practices.
    o Monitoring and compliance measures are in place to ensure that harvest levels are maintained within acceptable limits.
    o Enforcement exists to ensure that harvesters follow regulations, and to prevent illegal practices and unreported harvest.
Third Party Verification

All farm-raised seafood sold in Giant Eagle stores shall be certified by an aquaculture certification program. Aquaculture certification ensures that the production of the product does not negatively impact communities, workers, the environment, or human health through inappropriate use of chemicals or drugs.

All suppliers of wild seafood sold in Giant Eagle stores shall demonstrate that their product meets the Seafood Sustainability Requirement defined above. If they are unable to provide evidence behind each of the bullet points, they shall acquire verification that the seafood is harvested sustainably from a credible third party.

For those products that are unable to meet the sustainable seafood requirement, producers must clearly demonstrate ways in which they are contributing to the improvement of the sustainability of their seafood so that they will meet the requirement at some point in the near future.

Giant Eagle supports all GSSI recognized certification schemes for farm-raised and wild-caught seafood.

Acceptable Harvesting Methods

Giant Eagle will not sell any seafood that is harvested using illegal methods, such as dynamite, poison, or similarly destructive means. Giant Eagle will sell products harvested using legal means in regulated environments and will work proactively with the industry to encourage investment in gear and farming technologies that reduce seafood production’s impact on the environment. Giant Eagle will prioritize its sourcing to those harvesting methods that have the least impact on the environment and ecosystem, and that have the least amount of bycatch.

Traceability Requirement

Giant Eagle will require full traceability to the point of landing or farm pond of all seafood sold fresh, frozen, or in value-added products. Giant Eagle shall have immediate access to information on where the product was harvested. To understand the impact of sourcing actions, Giant Eagle commits to collecting detailed data of the seafood products it sells. Such data shall include but not be limited to:

  • Species name and scientific name
  • Country of origin
  • Stock region the species was caught or farm where it was cultivated
  • Type of gear or aquaculture method used
  • Volume of product purchased
Seafood Education & Transparency

Giant Eagle commits to educating its staff and customers on seafood sustainability issues. Employees will be trained to understand the complexity of seafood issues and to assist customers in deciding which seafood products to choose. Giant Eagle will further ensure that its suppliers are aware of seafood sustainability issues and that they are prepared to address them.

Giant Eagle will make information available to customers in publications, at the point of sale and online that empowers them to make responsible and informed purchasing decisions based on their own values regarding community, the environment and their health.


Each product Giant Eagle currently carries will be assessed by the supplier against the requirements outlined in this policy. For those products that don’t meet requirements, the supplier will submit a plan to reach compliance. If compliance is not achieved within one year, Giant Eagle will discontinue purchasing the product until the supplier can demonstrate compliance.

To be considered by Giant Eagle, all new products must comply with this policy and third party verification of the seafood’s sustainability.

Continuous Improvement

Giant Eagle will team up with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) to identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of Giant Eagle products. Efforts will be made to improve beyond what is required by regulatory agencies. These improvements might include harvesting methods that decrease bycatch, distribution networks that decrease food miles and improved handling to maintain product quality. Giant Eagle will develop incentives for suppliers who source products that utilize these voluntary measures.