Cook Once, Eat at least twice

Use the cook it once, serve it twice rule. This is a great time to enjoy beef or turkey meatloaf and have a second or third meal.
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Use the meatloaf for a quick chili (add some beans), sloppy Joes (Ketchup and a bit of water and you have a sauce), or sandwiches.  Some specific ideas follow:


Grill or roast 1 chicken large breast – or bring home a rotisserie chicken and use for two –three meals

  • Option 1:    One serving of chicken (½ of the breast, or leg/thigh) per person with rice or noodles, vegetables or salad.
  • The  other half of the breast or remaining chicken becomes a soup, salad or wrap meal.
  • Option 2:  Quick Soup-  Start with ready to use  chicken broth or stock.   Add leftover noodles or rice and cut chicken and vegetables. Season to taste for a great soup.  Add a salad and bread for a meal.
  • Option 3:  Salad- Slice cooked cold chicken into strips and serve over tossed greens with tomato and cucumber wedges. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan Cheese. Add  the dressing of your choice (on the side)  and a whole grain roll


Turkey Chili

  • Option 1: Serve a bowl of chili and a piece of corn bread
  • Option 2: Top a bed of greens with a cup of chili, sprinkle with reduced fat cheese and serve with baked tortilla chips
  • Option 3: Top a baked potato with 1 cup chili
  • Option 4: Toss 1 cup chili with 1 cup whole wheat pasta


Tomato Mozzarella Salad

  • Option 1: Basic side dish
  • Option 2: Place ½ cup mixture between 2 slices of whole wheat bread.  Heat on a panini grill or in a non-stick pan. 
  • Option 3: Place 1 cup salad on top of a mixture of spinach and romaine lettuce
  • Option 4: Toss 1 cup salad mix with 1 cup whole wheat pasta.
  • Option 5: Grill 3 oz of chicken breast, serve along side 1 cup whole wheat pasta and top both with ½ cup salad mix.


If you remember to make half of your plate vegetables, a fourth protein (preferably lean) and a fourth grains or starches (preferably whole), meal planning can become fun when you have a leftover item to start from.  Ask yourself which part of the plate the leftover item fits and then what can go in the other spots – you may surprise yourself with the creations!  If you get stuck, the Nutrition Team at Giant Eagle is here to help!

Brought to you by the registered dietitians at Giant Eagle® and Market District®.