Easy, Tasty Gluten Free Sides

Celiac disease places certain foods off limits, but you can still serve indulgent potatoes, silky risottos, rich rice noodle dishes, and endless varieties of vegetable delights. Giant Eagle® presents a selection of gluten free dishes that are simple and delicious.
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Veggies and more

  • Serve Roasted New Potatoes with your favorite meat or fish and introduce your family to the delights of natural potatoes.
  • Add a spicy kick to ordinary green veggies in Ginger Broccoli. Make sure to look for gluten free fish sauce when shopping — the brand suggested in the recipe is gluten free — or substitute gluten free soy-sauce if you're fish-shy or vegetarian.
  • Mashed vegetables will soon become a favorite when you try this "So Simple" Cauliflower Mash dish.
  • This Curry-Roasted Cauliflower recipe complements fish and rice noodle main courses perfectly. Try chilling these veggies, and pack a portion for lunch the next day.
  • Lemon-Mint Snap Peas and Lima Beans are made with Dijon mustard, which is typically gluten free. Always check the label prior to preparing this dish.
  • The Tuscan flavor of this Italian Roasted Snap Peas dish complements an antipasti spread or cheese tray wonderfully — and showcases fresh produce, too!


Savory sides

  • This Mushroom Risotto complements any number of main courses—makes a wonderful main course, too. Just add a green salad and serve!
  • Hearty Bacon 'N Cheese Stuffed Potatoes works well with a steak dinner and make a great stand-alone meal, too. Omit bacon for vegetarians.
  • Gluten free noodles and shrimp star in this recipe for Shrimp Spring Rolls. Omit crab meat from the recipe for gluten free results, as some imitation crab preparations contain wheat gluten.
  • Nutty quinoa is a perfect grain alternative for gluten free diets. Quinoa with Latin Flavors features Mexican-style spices and pairs well with your favorite tacos.
  • Make this Cheesy Rice 'N Tomatoes recipe, and substitute fresh-grated Parmesan for the shredded Parmesan in the recipe for rich, cheesy gluten free flavor.
  • This savory Quick Brown Rice and Mushroom Pilaf makes a perfect stuffing substitute for pork chops or Cornish hens.
  • Feta cheese adds kick to green peas and rice in Minted Peas and Rice with Feta. Scallions and chicken broth add flavor.
  • Add tropical flavor to your table with Coconut Creamed Corn. Coconut milk is both dairy free and gluten free.
  • Corn with Bacon and Mushrooms makes a great side dish or a light meal. 

Giant Eagle carries gluten free pasta, bread, salad dressings, soups, main dishes and more. Learn more about gluten free dishes by visiting a Giant Eagle registered dietitian or contacting nutrition@gianteagle.com.