In Praise of Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are convenient, flavorful and nutritious alternatives to fresh foods. Giant Eagle® explains the benefits of a well-stocked freezer.
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Nutrients in frozen foods can equal or exceed those of fresh picked foods.

Modern food processing utilizes quick-freezing techniques that lock in fresh taste, texture and flavor and allow foods to be stored safely for use weeks or months later.  When you buy frozen foods, you get all the benefits of freshness with the added convenience of choosing when to enjoy them. Properly kept in your home freezer, frozen foods give you time-saving options.

More nutritious and still delicious

Nutrients in frozen foods can equal or exceed those of fresh picked foods. Fresh vegetables, for example, start to lose nutrients at harvest.

  • Peas frozen for three months contained more than twice the Vitamin C of three-day-old fresh peas.
  • Fresh spinach loses 90% of its Vitamin C in just a week, but frozen spinach loses only around 20%.

Freezing isn’t just for vegetables

You’ll also find convenient, nutritious time-savers in the frozen foods lockers, such as:

  • Bagged complete dinners
  • Rolls, bread, pizza, bagels, and dough
  • Entrees and side dishes
  • Fruits
  • Add-ons like prepared meatballs
  • Sandwiches and breakfast foods
  • Pet food

Storing and cooking

Freezing is a natural preservative and prevents bacteria from multiplying. Supermarkets keep frozen foods at safe temperatures. To ensure the frozen foods that you buy retain quality and safety, follow these tips:

  • Carry frozen foods in an insulated bag to from store to home, unless your car trunk is freezer temperature. Thawing means loss of quality.
  • The temperature of your freezer should be 0°F. Quality and safety of frozen food decreases with higher temperatures. Ice crystals are a sign that your frozen foods need to be used within a few days.
  • Thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator, and cook them frozen or follow microwave thawing instructions.

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