Creative Gift Wrapping: Practically Perfect Presents

Creative gift-wrapping adds personality to your presents! Our guide shows you how to wrap gifts artfully and easily — with a touch of style.
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Plan ahead

  • Consider the number of gifts you need to wrap, and their shapes and sizes.
    • Gift bags work best for oddly shaped gifts.
    • Measure your gifts to estimate the amount of roll paper that you’ll need. Most rolls indicate the dimensions on the package.
  • Stock up on supplies (see checklist below)
    • Ask for gift boxes when buying clothing. Many stores provide them free.
    • Save shoeboxes or other small boxes —they come in handy, too.
    • Keep a few rolls of solid-color paper on hand for “any occasion” gifting.

Ready, set, wrap!

  • Choose a clean, open, flat work area, such as your kitchen table.
  • Remove price tags from all gifts.
  • Line boxes and gift bags with layers of tissue paper for cushioning and dimension.
  • Get personal! For example, wrap a sports fan’s gift with team-themed paper, or the newspaper sports page.  Use floral-print paper for garden buffs, or character-themed paper for kids.


  • To build anticipation and surprise, wrap a small package in a larger box. For example, wrap a gift of earrings by placing the jewelry box in a shoebox —then wrap the shoebox.
  • Include gift receipts. This allows the recipient to easily return or exchange a gift if so desired.
  • Add ribbons and bows to complete your presentation.
  • Decorate plain gift bags with colored markers. Get the kids to help!
  • If you are wrapping a number of presents, decide where you will store them (closet, attic, spare room) until you are ready to distribute them.

Gift-wrapping checklist

  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon — rolls and pre-formed bows
  • Gift bags and boxes
  • Tissue paper — white and colored
  • Transparent cellophane tape — double-sided tape works best
  • Scissors
  • Colored markers
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Pens
  • Tags