Organize Your Home for Easy Entertaining

It’s easy to get so busy that you neglect cleaning and home maintenance; holiday preparations can become overwhelming without a plan. But don't worry -- with a few organizational tips from Giant Eagle®, you'll be on your way to an orderly home in no time!
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Heat-and-serve options from Giant Eagle taste just like homemade and give you the freedom to focus on your guests.

Create a stress-busting plan

  • Think function first. Your kitchen is primarily for cooking; the dining room or kitchen table for eating, and your living room for living. Before you bring a piece of mail, a dirty dish or appliances into or out of a room, make sure it's going to the right place!
  • Take small steps. That pile of disorganized clothing or mail might not be as bad as you think. Choose a task, and give yourself 15 to 20 minutes to work on it. Or set aside a certain amount of time every day for cleaning — and stop once that time is up.
  • Share your strategy. Make sure your family knows the proper place for everything. Some mess is inevitable, but having many helping hands can keep disorganization to a minimum.
  • Ask yourself, do you need it? Whether you're making a new purchase or deciding what appliances deserve your precious counter space, prioritize your resources and space for the essentials.
  • Think small. Gift cards make fabulous gifts, can be presented in creative ways — and don't require much space to store.

Organize your kitchen for the holidays

Whether you're cooking everything from scratch — or taking advantage of time-saving pre-cooked delicacies — the kitchen is an essential part of holiday celebration. Staying organized helps you avoid clutter — and gives you more time to spend with family and loved ones.

  • Know your menu. Whether you're hosting a holiday celebration or attending a potluck with friends, knowing what you're cooking helps you prepare effectively. Instead of buying groceries you don't need — or forgetting essential ingredients — you can set aside all of your recipes and cooking aides in advance.
  • Identify tasks, and ask others to pitch in. One person to clean, one person to cook sauces, one person to watch the oven — sound like a dream? With a little planning, the whole family can get involved in preparing a delicious meal.
  • Save time, and add value. Giant Eagle® offers an exciting array of holiday side dishes and entrees, from brussel sprouts to juicy roasts and fresh seafood. These heat-and-serve options taste just like homemade and give you the freedom to focus on your guests.

Giant Eagle Market District® Catering and Event Planning

Whether you’re hosting an office party, holiday event or cocktail social, our team of catering and event planners are here to help. From chef-inspired gourmet dinners and foodie gift baskets to creative menu selection and inspired table arrangements, we have everything you need to create a memorable affair. Just call or visit your local store for more information – delivery is available, too!