Trick-or-Treating Safety

Halloween is an exciting time for children, but trick-or-treating increases the risk of child pedestrian accidents and injuries. Before you head out into the neighborhood, be sure review these safety tips from Giant Eagle®.
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Walk on sidewalks in well-lit areas whenever possible and carry a flashlight.

See and Be Seen

  • Choose properly-fitting costumes that are either light-colored or decorated with reflective tape – avoid masks or headgear that can obstruct vision
  • Avoid unwieldy or sharp sticks, swords or other objects that could cause injury in a fall
  • Walk on sidewalks in well-lit areas whenever possible and carry a flashlight; cross streets at corners or marked crosswalks, following traffic signals
  • Drivers – avoid driving during trick-or-treat hours; if you must be out, stay especially alert in neighborhoods and watch for children running into the street, especially near parked cars

Safety in Numbers

  • Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult
  • Older children should travel in groups and carry a phone for emergencies; make sure they let you know where they’re going
  • Instruct trick-or-treaters to stay in familiar neighborhoods close to home; they should never enter a house or approach a stranger’s car

Look Before You Eat

  • All treats should be individually wrapped and sealed –  an adult should inspect packaging to be sure all are secure, appear safe and don’t pose a choking hazard
  • Practice good hygiene – remind children to wash hands before eating, and consider taking along hand wipes for safe snacking while you’re out
  • Set a limit as to how much candy can be eaten at one time

Tips for Treats

  • Keep nut- and peanut-free options on-hand for allergy-sufferers
  • Consider offering non-food treats like stickers, pencils, erasers and wash-off tattoos, or lunch box-sized drinks like small bottles of Giant Eagle water and 100% juice in individual serving boxes
  • Treat bags tend to get overfilled, dragged and dropped  – avoid giving anything that might break, squash or leak
  • When sending food for a party, include a list of ingredients on each food item

Brought to you by the Registered Dietitians at Giant Eagle® and Market District®.