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Cooking for Passover

From bitter greens to flour-free desserts, Giant Eagle® Passover recipes will delight your friends and family as you celebrate this festival of freedom. Happy Pesach!

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Main Courses
  • Passover Roast Chicken twists tradition with a savory stuffing of matzo, apricots and chicken broth. For the glatt kosher version, prepare a certified-glatt chicken with glatt kosher poultry or vegetable broth.
  • Keep your Seder meat course easy with this recipe for Simple Roast Chicken. Tarragon, thyme and garlic provide light, herbaceous flavor accents.
  • Fresh spring basil and savory pine nuts offer a zesty flavor backdrop for Mint Pesto-Rubbed Leg of Lamb. For a dairy-free version of the pesto, substitute two tablespoons soy crumbles for two tablespoons grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.
  • For a crisp and delicious twist on classic lamb, make Roast Rack of Lamb with Herb Crust. The olive-oil-and-breadcrumb coating provides a pleasing crunch that accents the tender meat beautifully.
Side Dishes
Eating during Passover
  • Foods made during Passover must be unleavened, or made without yeast
  • Matzo, the traditional unleavened bread used during the holiday, is made with white flour and water
  • Families enjoy a ritual Seder meal that typically includes matzo, herbs, fruit and wine