Potluck Party Guide

Potlucks are perfect opportunities to show off your favorite recipes and pick up some new ones, too! These tips from Giant Eagle® will help you plan and host a warm and welcoming get-together.
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  • Assign courses for each guest to bring to prevent the possibility of serving all desserts or no appetizers.
  • Suggest that guests bring copies of their recipes to exchange.
  • If you’re having a lot of guests, buy disposable tableware for easy clean-up. Have some extra serving utensils ready in case someone forgets to bring theirs.
  • If you’re having a small group, make the main course yourself to guarantee it’s hot when served. Prepare a roast chicken or buy a fresh rotisserie chicken from Giant Eagle®, and ask your guests to bring the sides and desserts.
  • Share these tips with your guests for a flawless event:
    • Make dishes in advance so they need only a quick reheat in the oven or microwave when they arrive.  
    • Recommend cooking in a disposable pan to avoid extra cleaning later.
    • Avoid big batches. With lots of food to choose from, most people are looking for a taste of each, not large portions.



Delicious dishes for sharing


Desserts and drinks

  • Pick up a cookie tray at the Giant Eagle Bakery for an indulgent selection of sweet treats.
  • Make a fresh fruit salad or cut it up and serve on a tray.
  • Have plenty of water available, as guests may want to cleanse their palates between dishes.
  • Invite each guest to bring his or her own drink to the event, and put out some disposable cups