Refreshing Party Beverages

From the coolest whites to the hottest reds, from the best-selling ales and lagers to the nicest craft beers, select Giant Eagle® stores stock the perfect beverages for your party or dinner.
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White Wines

  • Chardonnay — Medium- to full-bodied; rich and complex. Pairs well with grilled white fish such as cod or haddock, broiled salmon and lobster. Try Kendall-Jackson® Chardonnay or Toasted Head®  Chardonnay, both from California.
  • Moscato —Semi-sweet. Ideal on its own or with desserts, especially fruit and berry desserts. Try Beviamo® Moscato d'Asti from Italy or Barefoot® Moscato from California.
  • Riesling — Varying degrees of sweetness. Excellent with light crab dishes, shrimp and salmon. Try Chateau Ste. Michelle® from Washington State, or Ars Vitis Riesling from Germany.
  • Pinot Grigio — A light- to medium-bodied wine. Dry, crisp. Pairs well with grilled white fish. Try Sterling Vintner's Collection® Pinot Grigio from California or Santa Margherita® Pinot Grigio from Italy.
  • Sauvignon Blanc — Dry, light, refreshing. Perfect match for mild fish such as halibut, flounder or sole, as well as light salads. Try Simi® Sauvignon Blanc from California's Sonoma County or Kim Crawford® Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Red Wines

  • Cabernet — Full-bodied and powerful. Pairs well with lamb roast, steak and grilled beef. Try Dancing Bull® Cabernet or Francis Coppola® Claret.
  • Chianti — Medium-bodied. Ideal for pasta, pizza, chicken dishes, grilled steak and tomato-based sauces. Try Da Vinci® Chianti or Ruffino® Chianti.
  • Malbec — Medium to full-bodied, round and inspiring. Perfect for beef and lamb dishes. Try Alamos® or Don Miguel Gascon.
  • Merlot — Medium-bodied with hints of berry, plum, and currant. Ideal for filet mignon, lamb roast and chicken. Try Red Diamond from Washington State or Francis Coppola Merlot from California.
  • Pinot Noir — Light- to medium-bodied. Pairs perfectly with broiled salmon, duck breast, chicken, pork loin and tuna. Try Mirassou® or Mark West Pinot Noir, both from California.
  • Zinfandel — Light- to medium-bodied. Pairs perfectly with broiled salmon, duck breast, chicken, pork loin and tuna. Try Mirassou or Mark West Pinot Noir, both from California.
  • Blends — Combine characteristics of several grapes, resulting in smooth, well-balanced, easy-to-drink wines. Ideal with beef, duck, lamb, grilled salmon and steak. Try Apothic Red® or Sterling Vintner's Selection Meritage.

Sparkling Wines

  • Champagne & Dry Sparklings — Dry sparkling wines are always perfect with appetizers and desserts. Try California‘s Domaine Chandon or France’s Veuve Clicquot Champagne.
  • Proseccos — A dry sparkling from Italy. Vibrat and fresh fruity bouquet with nice acidity. Excellent choice for any toasting occasion! Try La Marca or Lunetta.
  • Sweet Sparklings —Martini & Rossi Asti® Spumante is sheer, elegant bliss and goes well with fruit-based desserts. Rosa Regale® Brachetto is a sweet red sparkling with vivacious raspberry flavors, that’s terrific with chocolate desserts.


  • Baileys® Irish Cream — Best-selling liqueur in the world. Made from Irish whiskey, fresh cream, cocoa beans, and vanilla beans. Rich creamy, chocolaty taste. Great for martinis, coffee drinks, and desserts.
  • Kahlúa® Liqueur, Disaronno Amaretto and Frangelico® Liqueur — Spice up holiday drinks with Kahlúa, a coffee liqueur from Mexico (for espresso Martinis, and Black and White Russians); Disaronno (Amaretto liqueur); and Frangelico (the original hazelnut liqueur from northeast Italy).
  • Skinnygirl® Margarita — Only 100 calories for a 4 oz. serving. Natural ingredients and 100% Blue Agave Tequila.

Crisp pilsners, light and fruity wheat beers, hoppy IPAs — no matter which beer you prefer, you’ll find it at select Giant Eagle stores.


Pairs Well With:

Amber Ale

Indian food, pasta, pork, spicy dishes


Duck, ham, pork and sausage


Cheese dishes, red meat, pork, salmon and seafood

Pale Ale

Beef, cheese (Cheddar, Cheshire, Gruyère), duck, fish, fried food, salmon, sausage and spicy dishes


Asian, chicken, fish, French fries, fried food, white meat and spicy dishes

Dark Lager

Bacon, corned beef, ham, meat, pastrami, pork, sauerkraut and sausage


Cheese and cheese-sauced dishes, chocolate, fruit desserts, oysters and shellfish

White Beer

Fresh goat cheese, whitefish, citrus fruits, pork and shellfish

Wheat Beer

Asian/Indian/Mexican foods, chicken, crab, pasta, salads, seafood, sushi and spicy dishes


Cheese dishes, chicken, fish, hamburgers, mussels, pizza, pork, sausage, shellfish and spicy dishes


Hard ciders, such as Woodchuck® or Strongbow®, are alcoholic-fermented apple juice; wonderful with cheese, especially Brie, Cheddar and Colby, apples and apple desserts.

Warm Up to Mulled Wine
Easy to make, this spirited concoction combines winter spices and warm, fruity red wine. You don't need expensive wine either. Any $10 bottle of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Zinfandel will do.

Beer Cheese Dip
This dip goes wonderfully with Pumpernickel or sourdough bread, pear or apple slices!

Recommended Serving Wine Temperatures

  • Sparkling wines, light to off-dry and sweet wines: 45-50°F
  • Dry White and rosé table wines: 50-60°F
  • Light-bodied red table wines: 55-62°F
  • Full-bodied red table wines: 62-68°F


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