World of Cheese: Danish

Denmark’s cheeses are known for their rich flavors. Most are semi-soft, and cooks enjoy using them because of their consistent flavor and versatility.
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Semi-soft cow's-milk cheese tastes like a nutty Swiss. Smooth texture, buttery aroma, and sweet yet acidic taste is great on sandwiches, in appetizers, or in fondues.

  • Before refrigerating Havarti, wrap it tightly in foil, waxed paper, or a plastic container. Every time you refrigerate Havarti, use a new wrapping to ensure freshness. Havarti lasts for about two weeks when stored properly.
  • To enjoy Havarti’s full flavor, allow it to warm to room temperature before serving.
  • Add zest to a sandwich or brighten a cheese board by adding dill, jalapeño peppers, chives, or caraway seed to your Havarti.
  • Havarti's silky consistency makes it a perfect melting cheese, and it adds richness to mac-and-cheese and fondue.
  • Serve Havarti at your next wine and cheese party, paired with a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or a light-bodied Pinot Noir, and figs, pears, and nuts.


Rosenborg Danish Blue

A tasty alternative to French Roquefort that crumbles at the touch and is easy to spread and serve. It has blue-grey veins, but is much milder than comparable blues. Use to create a Blue Cheese Burger or this Swiss Chard au Gratin. It also makes a tasty snack on crackers or crusty bread; in salads; or mixed with cream cheese for a dip.

Mediterra Feta

This cow's-milk feta is creamy and less acidic than sheep or goat's milk fetas. It comes in flavors like "Greek kalamata olive" and "fresh herbs," and makes a tasty addition to salads, omelets, and sandwiches.