Antipasti: A Beautiful Beginning

Antipasti (plural of antipasto, meaning “before the meal”) is a wonderful way to introduce a meal. An eye- and taste-pleasing array of meats, cheeses and vegetables, or a platter of bruschetta decorated with a variety of toppings, will surely elicit “Oohs and Ahhs” from your guests.
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Contrast Tastes, Textures and Colors

  • The smooth texture and neutral color of a tuna pâté beautifully contrasts with the bright colors of parsley, lemon slices and olives.
  • An array of marinated olives and dark purple Kalamata olives add unique flavor and color. The Olive & Antipasti Bar at select Giant Eagle® stores offers an exciting spectrum of regional taste and selection. Choose from marinated vegetables, Sicilian olive medleys, mozzarella bocconcini, hot stuffed banana peppers and much more.
  • Preserved peppers, artichokes, tiny pickled onions or sun-dried tomatoes — plus a few sprigs of parsley or dill — add elegance.
  • Combine Italian cheeses in an impressive cheese board arrangement.
  • Looking for more presentation ideas? Talk to the Giant Eagle CheeseMongers in your local store.



Antipasti Ideas

  • Classic Italian antipasti feature a simple array of prosciutto, salami, cappicola, speck, mortadella or other regionally cured meats, many of which are available in the Giant Eagle Deli Department. Add slices of Italian cheese, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella and Asiago, from our Cheese Shop.
  • For the warmer seasons, Insalata Caprese is particularly refreshing. Alternate slices of fresh mozzarella and tomato and top with fresh basil leaves, olive oil, salt and pepper. Or serve individual skewers consisting of a mozzarella ball, a fresh basil leaf and a small cherry tomato, seasoned as above.

Bruschetta: The Other Antipasti

Fresh rustic bread, sliced and toasted with various toppings, is perhaps the simplest antipasto to prepare. Try some of these delicious toppings:

  • Layer toast with roasted peppers, eggplant or zucchini, or simply fresh tomatoes and basil. Anchovies and capers are optional.
  • Drain, then sauté lightly mashed canned cannelloni beans in olive oil with a bit of garlic and a couple of fresh, thinly sliced sage leaves.
  • Purée, in equal parts, canned cannelloni beans with canned tuna fish; then add a bit of olive oil, a dash of parsley and some salt and pepper to taste.