Olives: Good, and Good for You!

If you’re looking for a guilt-free, nutritious food with an exotic, sophisticated taste, eat Giant Eagle® olives! They're rich in heart-healthy ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar, vegetables, and herbs; low in cholesterol; and MSG-free.
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Olive trees originated in what is now Turkey. Most table olives — those intended to be eaten as antipasti, as condiments or as add-ons for sauces — come from Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and California. They range in color from pale green to deep black and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Since they’re naturally bitter-tasting, olives must be cured and often marinated before they’re ready to be eaten.

There are 500 varieties of olives and almost as many ways to eat them: as appetizers and in antipasti; in salads and cocktails; on pizzas, in breads and on toast; baked as a side dish; mashed into a spread; as a side to a sandwich; in a salsa, stew or even meat loaf; or just as a healthy snack. For example:

  • Olives stuffed with cheese, peppers, anchovies, or almonds add flair to cocktail hours and celebrations.
  • Black olives, such as Kalamata, pair well with goat and sheep cheeses, such as Pecorino and feta.



You won’t have to travel far to find the finest Mediterranean olives. They’re at the Olive & Antipasti Bars at select Giant Eagle stores: natural and pitted; seasoned with a range of herbs and spices; with hot peppers; stuffed with cheese or garlic and more. Take advantage of our selection to create mouth-watering olive dishes for any occasion, like Olive and Tomato Bruschetta.

Make an olive spread

  • Pit and chop black olivesIf you don’t have an olive pitter, use the flat side of a large knife and flatten the olives as you would garlic cloves. Then, remove the "meat" from around the pit.
  • Combine with olive oil, capers and anchovies or with herbes de Provençe — a mix of dry sage, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, basil, savory, lavender flowers, fennel seeds. Garlic is an option for either spread.
  • Mix with a creamy goat or cow cheese
  • Mix with chopped fresh cherry or Pachini tomatoes that have been seeded and drained
  • Spread on small, toasted slices of bread
  • Spread inside sandwiches
  • Add to sauces or salads