Savory Olives and Antipasti

People in Italy, Greece, Spain, and France enjoy small meals consisting of fresh olives, meats, cheeses and vegetables. Olives and antipasti are popular finger-foods for people across the Mediterranean — and around the world.
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Our antipasti bar offers over 20 varieties of treats — an exciting spectrum of regional taste and selection.

The olive and antipasti bars at Giant Eagle® feature the finest Mediterranean delicacies. Olives and antipasti taste delicious and satisfying anytime, whether you're entertaining a crowd or hosting a small group. They're rich in heart-healthy ingredients such as olive oil, vinegar, vegetables and herbs — and they're also low in cholesterol and MSG-free.


  • Olive trees flourish in the dry, rocky inland soil that surrounds the Mediterranean Sea. Since they’re naturally bitter-tasting, olives must be cured and, often, marinated before they’re served.
  • Olives range in color from pale green to deep black. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes — from tiny black cooking olives to big, gorgeous green olives for cocktails and appetizers.


The word antipasti means "before the pasta" in Italian. Originally served as appetizers, today antipasti are served at all courses.

Our antipasti bar offers over 20 varieties of treats — an exciting spectrum of regional taste and selection. Choose from marinated vegetables, Sicilian olive medleys, Mozzarella bocconcini, hot stuffed banana peppers and more.

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Assembling an Antipasti Plate

  1. The original appetizer, an authentic antipasti plate traditionally includes meats, cheeses and vegetables.
  2. There’s no perfect combination – let your taste buds and creativity be your guide!
  3. Be sure to include a variety of colors, flavors and textures including both hard and soft Italian cheeses alongside complementary flavors like fresh fruit, peppers and marinated vegetables.
  4. Add several meats, sliced or grilled, plus a spread and sliced crusty bread on a festive plate or decorative cutting board for a satisfying, room-temperature treat sure to delight your guests.